Essen Germany Hyatt Hotel

An artist connected to the Millerntor Gallery transforms the walls of the NiU Hotel into its unique design. An artist working with MillerNTor Art Gallery transforms the wall of this NiUs hotel into its unique designs. An artist associated with Millerntor's gallery transforms the walls of these NiUS hotels into his unique design!

The combination of bold design elements creates a casual and informal environment that makes playful references to the region's industrial past. The combination of bold design elements to create a casual and informal environment that is playful in relation to this region of the industrial past. Combine bold design elements with a playful and casual atmosphere to create a fun and fun casual environment in a playful reference to this area of Germany.

The urban industrial look continues in the rooms, where guests can relax in cosy bean bags and discover local attractions without leaving the bathroom. The urban and industrial look continues throughout the rooms, where guests can relax with cozy nuis and bean bags or discover the local attraction without leaving the bathrooms.

Niu Shop guests will find many designs, food and other products that remind them of their stay. Nuis, the shop guests will find plenty of design elements to remind them of their stay at the ESSEN Berlin Hyatt Hotel, one of Germany's most popular hotels.

Nuis in the Cobbles of Essen will follow later this year and a Niu in Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Hamburg. Nuis on the cobbles of the ESSEN Berlin Hyatt Hotel, the first of its kind in Germany and the second in Europe, will follow later this year.

Niu in the Cobbles will be the first of forty Niu hotels planned in Europe over the next two to three years, and David Etmenan plans to double that number over the next six years. Nuis on the cobbles of Essen, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Hamburg. Forty NiU hotels are planned in Europe over the next two to three years: over forty NUIs and over forty NuU hotel plans for European Hyatt hotels. In the next six years: 40 NUs and under 40 NUs are planned for Europeans: Over 40 NIS and over 40 NuUs across Europe. David Ettman plans to double the number over the next six years.

The NU in the Cobbles is relaxed, welcoming and interactive, welcoming all residents of the lobby and surrounding area, making it one of the city's most important new destinations. NOVUM Hospitality will open its first NiU hotel on the cobbles of Essen, Germany's second largest city, on 1 July 2017. As someone who has been to the property before, I am sure you walked through the door and heard about it from others.

I archive all my older reviews for 36 months to keep them relevant for my upcoming trips, as well as my previous reviews of other hotels in the region.

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More About Essen