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Introduction of a new species: EuroTulip, the first company to take over the management, owns six hotels, which together have 557 rooms. Four fly the flag for the Golden Tulip and nine bear the name of the privately-run estate of Lewis Manor in Okehampton, Devon. Last month, it was confirmed, following press rumours, that Ritz-Cracker and Orient Express Hotels had paid 125 million euros for the Ritzer Madrid hotel. The Hooge-Raedt Group, which has acquired a 30% stake in Euro Tulips, owns six of these hotels - a total of 5 57 rooms - as well as four hotels in Spain, four in Italy, one each in Germany and France and Spain.

The cathedral of the city, also known as Essen Cathedral, is one of the oldest and most important religious buildings in the world, and the center is booked from the shopping center. The modernised centre includes a number of museums, galleries, restaurants, shops, hotels and restaurants, as well as a public square.

Leisure and business travelers will find all these amenities in the immediate vicinity and offer a relaxed, family atmosphere. For more upscale dining, the eclectic restaurants are recommended, serving a wide range of tastes, from casual, casual and casual to more sophisticated and sophisticated.

In the former boiler house of the Zollverein colliery, the museum explores culture, innovation and civilisation by designing everyday objects that are used worldwide. Since the 14th century, Mongols, Marco Polo and others have used it as a way to open up the worlds. It is a great place to find design books, jewellery and unique household items, as well as a collection of artworks from the past and present.

Holiday Inn Resort Penang delivers food to key personnel stationed at local clinics, while InterContinental Koh Samui Resort in Thailand donates 100 meals a day to workers helping to check the health of ferry passengers. IHG has a number of hotel brands in Europe, including Intercontinental Hotels, as well as in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Africa.

If you have a hotel in Europe in your summer plans, check out the IHG discounts for your itinerary and find out which prices require a little more work. In cities like London, searching for hotels individually is a time-consuming and costly process, and the 4.3% discount rate offered by I HOG requires a search, but there may be some improvements. My strategy is to search each hotel individually for the dates I want and find hotels that are in the ballpark of my budget palette.

Business travelers may prefer a hotel in Ruttenscheid, where they can be closer to the city center and more accessible to local residents, but there are more options. The Industrial Heritage Route, which connects Essen's industrial sites with the neighbouring cities of Oberhausen, Gelsenkirchen and Dortmund, will immerse you in the history of the city and its industrial heritage, as well as its history as an industrial hub. For a detailed list of Esson hotels for your budget, see our guide to the most expensive cities in Germany.

Further inland, construction company Anel 98 is expected to complete work on the first phase of a new hotel in the city centre, the Royal Dublin Hotel, in September. Chinese and international companies have already signed contracts for a number of Essen hotels, including a state-owned hotel and a private hotel for business travellers. The group is adding a fifth hotel to its collection by transforming the former Aer Lingus booking office, which is adjacent to the Royal Dublin Hotel, into an international hotel with a guest house, restaurant, bar and office space. With the vision of improving mobility worldwide, the company is behind a 11,000-kilometre transcontinental road that will connect Europe and the Middle East.

K Kempinski Hotels and Resorts in the eastern Harz region, where Hotel 13 in Germany will transform a former nursing home into a hotel with a guest house, restaurant, bar and office space. A second company has a third UniqueStay, which is due to open next year in the Latvian capital Riga. Maritim Adventures Germany and Maritsim Hotels have two hotels in Essen, one of which can accommodate more than 5,000 conference participants in its first year of operation. The company's first hotel, the Unique Stay in Düsseldorf, was opened in summer 2005.

An hour's drive south of the city, there are nearly 500 species of animals, including lions, elephants, monkeys and penguins, and parks, gardens and lakes are ideal for leisurely day trips. The city centre is dotted with well-known restaurant chains, shops and cafés, as well as a number of independent restaurants and bars. It is family friendly and already has shops in Berlin and Munich, but the first in Essen.

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More About Essen