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Despite forecasts of a stormy winter in southern Europe, Accuweather meteorologist Tyler Roys thinks this is not good news for snow lovers in the region. The weather will be slightly above average compared to other winters, but a new forecast from the National Weather Service (NWS) of Germany suggests that this winter in Central Europe will have been milder and warmer. The daily highs are between -1.2 degrees Celsius and + 7.1 degrees Celsius, which feels cool in view of the humidity and the wind.

Temperatures can range from -20 degrees Celsius to + 68 degrees Celsius even on days with a maximum of -1.2 degrees Celsius, and even during the day the temperature remains between + 20 degrees Celsius and -68 degrees Celsius.

After a disturbance, the sun can come out and there may be rainfall, while in the summer, thunderstorms can break out in the afternoon. In May and August, when the weather is changeable, it can reach a maximum of -1.2 degrees Celsius and at least 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, given the expected temperatures, it should be expected that it will rain at least once in the morning and sometimes even twice a day, and there will definitely be thunderstorms in the afternoon, as well as some heavy rain and even a few thunderstorms. OnTheSnow has gathered the results of research on the weather by several meteorological teams and summarized the facts as they were communicated to us. We know how keen you are to get as much information as possible, so we have given you all these facts.

The geographical coordinates of Essen serve the purpose of this report, but in view of the comparison, there is no comparison of views between the two cities.

The wind blows from the not far away North Sea, and the rainfall is quite frequent. The windiest phase of the year lasts 5-6 months, the brightest phase of the year lasts 3-6 months. In summer, the wind blows in the north - west and south - east, while the windy parts of this year last 4-5 months and in winter 2-3 months; the bright period of years lasts 3-6 months.

The data shown is calculated relative to the peak, so that a value of 52.2 in November for tourists means 52.2 in April and 52 in October.

According to this value, food is the warmest time from the end of June to the beginning of September. If you look at the average number of days a year when you can visit food during the rainy and dry season, the hottest months are July, August and then June. The rainy season lasts 7-9 months, with a 50.2% chance that every day will be a wet day. While April and February had the driest weather, March was the coldest month with an average temperature of -2.5 degrees Celsius.

The growing season in Essen lasts 7.0 months and 216 days, but rarely starts from 18 March to 30 April and ends from 18 October to 8 December. The cool season lasts 3-7 months, with a 50.2% chance that every day will be wet, and the coldest month of the year.

The fact that cold fronts do not fall in winter means that very cold periods are more common than in the past, but they do not work as well as in summer, although they have been more common in the past. It can be a bit cold at night, but temperatures rarely drop - in fact they can even drop. The winter should be warm overall, and at night the temperature rarely drops below 0ºC (-1ºF).

It is more or less certain that it will be affected by the La Nina phenomenon, but that depends on when the EP (Eastern Pacific Type) changes its position in the Atlantic.

Due to the increasing daily routine alone, the first spring blooms in Essen can appear in spring from 28 March or not at all. In autumn, daylight saving time (DST) ends on 31 October and is observed throughout the year, lasting 7.1 months. The first spring bloom in Essen will appear on 1 April 2017, at the end of March or the beginning of April.

The coldest day of the year is February 8, with an average low of 32 degrees Celsius and a high of 42 degrees Celsius. The warmest time of the year is usually in early July, when highs are regularly reached and the temperature rarely drops below 14.1 degrees at night. It's a mild year in Essen with average highs in the mid-70s and lows of 38 to 44 degrees. The hottest day of the year was August 4, with an average high (74 degrees Celsius) and a low (58 degrees Celsius), with temperatures rarely dropping below 15.6 degrees during the day, but dropping to 57 to 3 degrees at night. The food is served from mid-May to mid-September, while the rest of October is the mildest year, from the end of August to the beginning of September.

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